Saturday, July 8, 2017


We were at the beach in Sea Girt, its an army base camp were they train police oficers, it was kind of creapy because there were war tanks planes and rockets there.


  1. Hi Ava. I had to Google Sea Girt to find out a bit more about it. I ind it interesting that it is an army base. I also found some information about the rules and regulations for using the beach. Did your parents have to buy a badge?

  2. Hi Whaea Crissy no we dident need a badge because we knew a police oficer that was there.

  3. WOW AVA!
    that sounds fun. And yeah CREEPY. That is very cool to see you are having fun. I MISS U HEAPS KEEP POSTING!

  4. Hello Ava,
    I really love the beach you went to in sea Girt, also Its really great that you show and tell us some awesome news that you saw some war tanks, planes, rockets at sea Girt beach. Wow that's so amazing I hope you enjoy your rest of your holiday in U.S.A .

  5. Hi Ava,
    Wow! That beach that you are visiting looks so nice. I wish I was there having as much fun as you. I would think that it was creepy as well, having tanks, planes and rockets next to the place where I was swimming!!! We all hope that you are having a fun, exciting trip and we hope you return back to school soon.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    Yours faithfully

  6. Hi It’s Vanya here.
    While I was looking at your photos I looked at the photo with you, your brother, and sister, even your cousin.
    WOW you saw I tank how amazing you saw a tank, rockets are really bangers. Keep putting stuff on your blog so other people can look thew them.

  7. Hi Ava,
    It is so cool that you are showing us and telling us some awesome news about your holiday. It will be so scary because of the army base camp where they train police officers and the war tanks, planes and rockets .
    I hope you keep posting so Te Ngahere can see how much fun you are having .
    Hope you are having fun in the U.S.A .

    Yours faithfully

  8. Hi Ava it’s Tarjzon. Was it cold in the sea or just right?Is that your friend or cousin? What is the beach called because it looks like it is a nice bluish-green color in the background in your great photos.
    I think I need you and Freya back I need help with my work.
    But I hope you have a great time and it is great that you are blogging.

    1. in the sea it was just wright,it is my cousin, the beach is called Sea Gert.