Thursday, August 24, 2017

Solar Eclips

The other day in America we went to Ocean City to stay the night and see our friends,we watched a dogs purpose and dolphine tail in the car because in our car we have a tv.
 Our friends are called Logan he is 15 and the other one is Keagan he is 13 and then Riley she is 11, we had lots of fun. They own a boat which is a pirat ship that takes tourists out on trips. We went on the ship and then went out for dinner.After dinner we checked into our hotel and staid there for the night.


  1. Hey Ava,
    I really like the way that the moon is looking, it looks really nice and bright.I really hope you are having so much fun over there.


  2. Hi Ava, its Mishaela. I like the pictures of the Solar Eclipse, they look AMAZING!. When you took those pictures what time was it?. What was your favourite movie to watch? I like Dolphin Tail, it was funny!

    1. it was about lunch when I toolk the pichurs I loved donphine tale

  3. Hi Ava it’s Lucy. Your so Lucky to be able to see the Solar Eclipes I wish I could see it. How long till you're coming back can’t wait till you do.

  4. Hello Ava,
    It’s me, Saff.
    The pictures of the solar eclipse looks very cool! I wish I was there to see it. How long did it last for? I hope you have a nice time and we all miss you very much!