Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The girl from the forgotten

Not that long ago Te Ngahere had to write a narrative about anything in our chose.We had lots of fun writing it my story was called the girl from the forgotten here is my writing to and I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Hola Avalea
    I'm Holly and I am from Grey Main School and I am a Year 8 student. I really like your story because you describe the scene very well. I think next time you could just go through and check some of your spelling? What is your favourite scene or paragraph in your writing?
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  2. Bonjour Ava,
    I really like The Girl From The Forgotten! It is really interesting and I just want to read more and more. I really like the way you describe the girls.I love writing and reading narratives. Maybe next time you could check your spelling.
    Au Revoir,

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  4. Hi Ava
    I'm Brooklyn and I go Panmure Bridge School. Your narrative about the Girl From The Forgotten sounds like a mystery. I like writing and I like reading story's. Keep the work up.