Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bailey Harrison

Two weeks ago Te Ngahere made a creative piece of writing.The language features that I used were Metaphors and similes.The narrative was meant to be around Reduce, reuse and recycle.We were allowed to choose a type of writing,I chose a narrative piece of writing.Next time I think that I should add more metaphors because I didn't use a lot

WALT:Metaphors, simile,
The Story Of Bailey Harrison
“Come on everyone sit down and let me tell you a story,This is one that my mom read to me,This story is called Bailey Harrison”... “come on Baily, were going to be late for your first day of school!!” “Coming,”Bailey was a 13 year old girl with paradis blue eye’s and golden long hair that waved down her back like a golden waterfall,but not all the good things happened to Bailey. You see when she was a little girl maybe around the age of 6 she was in a car accident and badly hurt her leg, so now poor Bailey sits in a wheelchair exploring, but that didn't stop Bailey on what she loved.

“Baily, Come on!!” Yup as bossy as she will ever be, Baily’s older sister, Erin, she wasn't the kindest person, all she wanted was attention and she was definitely a wanabe. “COME ON GET IN THE CAR ALREADY, IT’S HARD ENOUGH DRIVING YOU THERE, YOU'RE AS SLOW AS A SNAIL!!”
Bailey got in the car maybe taking 10 minutes because of her wheelchair and soon enough they were off to her new school. Taking a twenty minute drive to school when they arrived, all the kids were playing outside “this look’s like a cool school” said bailey “ yeah you better like it mum payed a lot of money,now get out I need to get to work”( she’s a working bee).This doesn't look so bad she thought… Suddenly all the kids started running back in panic,did the bell ring, are they having an important meeting she thought,then in the bushes there were shakes,CRASH SWOOSH,then suddenly a sharp head came out looking like the plague mask…

She rolled with her wheelchair to see what it was, but then stopped with silence.Is that a...The two men came out of the bushes holding bottles of oil with a see through bag with dead or alive animals inside.The two men turned around and started heading for the beach.Now when bailey had the chance to get to school, she used her hands on her wheels of the wheelchair and started rolling it to school as fast as she could still thinking about what it was.when she finally got to school she knocked on the door,suddenly a mouth popped out of the door saying “are they gone”  “What do you mean are they gone”said Bailey, “the two men,” Bailey said “yup they're gone” having know idea what he was talking about. Then walking out of the door came a 13 year old boy with light brown hair. “Hi im Tylor, “hi i'm Bailey “ so why did everyone run away from these two men” said Bailey with no idea what was happening, “because they are trying to pollute the place, and I'm trying to stop that,want to help me.” Bailey sad yes but it took awhile,she was kind of worried.When they left Bailey said “ shouldn't we be in school” Taylor said “no there is no school today” “ so my sister lied to me” she mumbled. They started walking to the beach looking for the two men,they started challenging each other asking questions and basically doing school work on the way.and Bailey got all the questions wright, she’s a walking dictionary,  Tylor thought.Finally there at the beach and just when they're going to take a break under a tree they see the two men dumping giant cans of oil in the water then floating on top of the waves going out to sea. Tyler yelled “ what are you doing”The two men stopped the droped canes of iol leading into the sea and started to run and fast as they could,they were as fast as a bee flying through the sky, but they caught up,suddenly they disappeared,Bailey and Taylor looked everywhere and couldn't find them.It was soon night so they went home but planned a meeting early in the morning.The night passed and they woke up put there clothes on and left.They had planned to meat be the oak tree near school,when they got there they started to plan something,there was no ideas yet but then Bailey got an idea,”what if we make a trap and try and trap them”.Tylor thought that was a good idea, so they started to make the trap.

They finally finished the trap and all they had to do then was wait.Hours went past and they started to pack up but, just when they did that there saw something. “Look Bailey over there, in the bushes”there came the two men,and suddenly Tylor pulled the rope and the two men got caught up into the trap.The two men were shouting let us go let us go.then out of the bushes Taylor and Bailey popped out. “Who are you” they said,they introduced their names and started to talk. “Why are you throwing oil into the ocean” said Bailey “ yeah why” said Tylor. Just befor they spock the police came rushing to them, “did you call the police” “no” “did you” “no” they were very confused.”put your hands up” called the police”,then the police took the two men in the police car.Suddenly there mum’s and dad’s came running to them “where have you been, what happened” they said and all they said was “it’s a long story”.

“So did you like the story” “it was amazing” THE END

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